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Garden review and problem solving-

  • On-site review and recommendations to revitalize and improve your yard and garden.

Existing plant identification and relocation-

  • Don’t know what plants are in your yard? Let me help you identify them and we can fine tune their location for optimal growing conditions.

Create a garden or yard for your daily life-

  • How do you want to use your garden or yard? For: Entertaining? Relaxation? Kids? Pets? Growing food? Do you want paths or or patio?

Learn how to prepare, revitalize and maintain your soil-

  • Good soil is the foundation of successful gardening, in-ground & in pots. Together I will show you how to prepare and amend your soil for existing or new plantings.

Accompanied nursery visits and plant shopping-

  • Learn how to select and buy plants that will work in your garden. Save money by following the gardener’s mantra -- “right plant, right place.”

Planting alongside streets or sidewalks-

  • Techniques and plants that will thrive under the most difficult (often intensely hot and dry) conditions.


Ornamentals and edibles-

  • Learn how to select and mix plants for color, texture, function, and shape or to eat.

Attracting wildlife to the garden-

  • Find out about plants that attract butterflies, birds, bees - or can be enjoyed safely by your pet.

Native plant options-

  • Northwest native plants want to grow in Oregon. They can lower your garden's maintenance and water use.

Improve the first impression of your home-

  • Enhance the visual impact of your yard for yourself and others, or for potential buyers.

Art and other focal points in the garden-

  • Fine, eclectic and whimsical art have a place in different gardens - is some right for you? What about the sound of water or a wind chime?

Container gardening for all seasons-

  • Design, install, rehabilitate your garden pots & planters -- keep them evolving/improving. A great option for people with small spaces or limited mobility.


Garden-based crafts-

  • How to use materials grown in your garden as craft materials, for gifts, or in family activities.

Adaptive horticulture-

  • How to adjust your gardening practices after an injury, illness or other life change.

Small group special sessions-

  • Work with me to come up with special packages for you and a few friends, neighbors, or family to meet common gardening needs or interests.


Collaborate to find ways to improve your garden & gardening skills-

  • No two gardens or people are alike. Together we will find ways to improve your garden and gardening skills.

How to fine prune ornamental shrubs, small trees and perennials-

  • Pruning basics for potted or in-ground plants to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Plant care and seasonal maintenance (while we are in your yard and email follow-up)-

  • Determine what on-going tasks your garden needs to thrive. Learn what you can do and when to hire help (plus tips on what to look for in a contractor).

Gardening tip sheets-

  • I'll provide you with simple tip sheets to compliment our work together and for related seasonal follow-up.

Water-wise techniques and practices-

  • Even in the northwest, water is not limitless - learn simple ways to save time and money by using less water.

Non-chemical control of pests and weeds-

  • For protection of children, pets, you and the environment there are alternatives to most chemicals on the market that treat garden pests and diseases.


  • Learn why compost is an asset to your gardening practices. Learn how to make and use it.

Tool selection and their maintenance-

  • Review the tools you have and determine the best set for your garden and how to make them last.

Resource identification for additional information-

  • Help locate local resources or web-based information to address any further gardening needs.

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