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What is a garden coach?

  • A personal garden coach is an experienced gardener who can help you make the most of your garden and teach you what to do to help get your garden looking good all year. It’s like having a personal trainer, mentor, guide, or tutor who will work along side you and whose goal it is to expand or refine their client’s skills through on-site practice.

Why would I need one?

  • A garden coach provides personalized, hands-on sessions at your home so you can learn about gardening with conditions & plant material already in your yard. Working with a garden coach can help limit your frustration with gardening though expensive trial and error; and save you time and money in the long run. Working with a garden coach can help you realize the health benefits, physical and psychological, from gardening effectively.

How often would I need one?

  • As often as you would like. You can make Gardening For Life a long-term resource as you and your garden evolve. Every garden has its own seasonal needs and working with a coach throughout the year can help you stay on top of cyclic gardening tasks.

What does it take to be a garden coach?

  • It takes a combination of things - gardening experience (including learning from mistakes!), training, passion, joy, patience, all with a sense of fun. I have 22 years experience gardening in the northwest (other places before that), have learned plenty by making lots of mistakes (some more expensive than others), I am an Oregon Master Gardener and a certified Horticultural Activities Specialist. Gardening has been my passion, joy, mental and physical outlet throughout my intense years in a health-related primary career. And now, in early, semi-retirement, I can have even more fun doing what I love (and see if any money really does follow).

Does my knowledge of gardening, or lack of it, matter?

  • No. Questions and answers unique to your site and gardening experience are what a garden coach provides. The goal is to help each person become more knowledgeable about your own plants and their care.

Do I need a big garden to benefit from a garden coach?

  • No. You can get help with any or all of your indoor and/or outdoor plants. We can work on one or more plants, or parts of your yard, at a pace that suits you. Portland has many small urban gardens that also include window boxes, balcony or deck container gardens, and home offices.

How much does it cost?

  • My basic hourly rate is $45. You will find additional details on my ‘Fees and Packages’ page. We can also develop a unique agreement for package rates specific to the things you want to accomplish, one-on-one with me, or with small groups of friends, neighbors or family.

How does it benefit me to have a personal garden coach?

  • Learn by doing (hands-on instruction) alongside a skilled Pacific Northwest gardener, at your home. Tailor gardening skills practice to your own yard and schedule. Become more knowledgeable about your own plants and their seasonal care. Reduce unnecessary plant loss/mistakes through your garden coach’s advice. Save time and money by choosing the right plants for the right place in the garden. Increase your enjoyment and sense of satisfaction with your garden. Have a working relationship with a reliable person available as things change or questions come up. Get e-mail tips appropriate for your own garden in each season. Promote personal wellness through gardening. Have a personalized resource for indoor and outdoor horticultural activities for children and seniors, special needs can be accommodated.
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